Applications and Project Execution

After your application, the assigner will make his/her selection based on your account information. For better chances, make sure your user details are complete.
Your history also helps. If the assigner sees you have successfully executed assignments before, you’re more appealing as a performer. No reason to worry if you haven’t performed your first assignment yet. A clean slate gives you the chance to build up fantastic historical figures.

Each project is structured the same. You can see the complete project from start to finish before you apply. This way, different projects are easy to compare and you know exactly what to do in how much time. Before applying, make sure you had a thorough look. You want to be sure you’re able to do it within the deadline and you’re willing to do it for the mentioned payment.

Projects are divided into phases. Each phase has sub-deadlines and specifies what needs to be delivered. During a phase you’ll deliver a draft and a final product. The assigner gives you feedback. He/she can only give you feedback based on features/characteristics which where specified before project start (so, you could read before application). Besides standard feedback, there is a chatting function for easy communication.

There are two types of features: Essential and percentage-features. Without the essential features, the project is useless to the assigner. Therefore, the assignment can only move to the next production phase after essential features have passed. The percentage-features could still be fixed during the closing phase (although, it is recommended to complete it during its phase).

At each project’s end there is a closing phase. This is like a back-up or overall review. If anything for the full project still needs to be fixed, this is where you can do it. Mostly, you’ll finish during the regular production phases and there is nothing you’ll need to do during this phase.

Project Control and Payment

If you have a thorough look at the project before you apply and you are positive you can do the job within the deadline, there is not much that can go wrong. However, there needs to be a safety net in place to protect both you and the assigner.

In case, you fail essential features (within the phase deadline) the assigner is allowed to withdraw the assignment. If you fail a percentage-feature you’ll get an extra chance to fix it during the closing phase. If you fail it again (and the overall project deadline has passed) it will equally be deducted from your payment (with a max. deduction of 45%).
If all deadlines have passed and you have not yet delivered, the assigner can withdraw the project.
These are back-ups to protect assigners from unwilling performers. This hardly happens and is mainly theoretical. The assigner is obliged to give (pre-specified feature related) feedback. Assigners cannot just withdraw or deduct as they please. In case of disagreements you can contact the administrator. Generally, performers with good intentions have nothing to worry about.

At project completion, the money is added to your account. Upon request the money is transferred to your bank account. The full service is free of charge.